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I've had this Elricest plot bunny dancing around in my head now for weeks, but I'm very pointedly trying to ignore it because I know it's going to be a multiparter.

I don't do so well with multiparters.

I've considered giving it a try, but even when I'm really into writing the story and I manage to write quite a bit (see: Hydona at 45k words), I still don't seem to be able to close the deal. It's like my stamina disappears before I can finish it.

I've even thought about looking for a co-author and/or a beta, but I just don't know anyone who would be interested. It would be extremely AU (as in, not even in the FMA world), and not angsty at all because Elricest is such an angsty pairing by nature and as much as I like the angst, I've had my fill. I want to write nice, semi-happy fanfics for them; I say semi-happy because I'm not above scaring the living shit out of them by having one of them mortally wounded!

Besides, I've run into a bit of a snag with my plot bunny already. I wanted to incorporate the Chinese zodiac, but the signs I want to give them are inverted-- Al would've been the Ox and Ed would've been the Tiger, but that would make Ed the younger brother because the Tiger comes the year after the Ox...

If you're curious, though, I did look up what their actual zodiac signs are...

Ed - Year of the Pig
Al - Year of the Rat

Anyone else imagining a pig with a little blonde antenna? How about a rat with a helmet?


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