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I'll never touch another fanfic with Heiderich mentioned as one of the characters because some authors are complete assholes.

Which is a shame because I don't mind Al x Ed x Heiderich as long as it's done well, but I recently stumbled upon a nasty surprise when reading one of these so called "threesome" fics. It wasn't a threesome fic. It was a "Oh look a convenient substitute for my brother and Al is forced to watch everything through Heiderich's eyes" fic.

Even though I don't like infidelity fiction, I can usually tolerate it. But Heiderich being used as a replacement for Al makes my blood boil (I mentioned this before in another post). I like to call people who write these kinds of fics Elricest traitors.

And it really, really makes me hate the Ed in those stories for being so fucking insensitive and selfish. Even though I honestly don't believe it's in Ed's character to do something like that; lonely or not, regardless of being stuck in a foreign world, Ed wouldn't do something that he thought could hurt his brother just because Al's not there.

It's even more rage inducing when Ed and Al are reunited and Ed's still got his head stuck up Heiderich's ass. "Hey Al, cut your hair and wear these clothes so you'll remind me of my dead boyfriend." Ed wouldn't use his little brother as a doll, for fuck's sake. And he'd never completely disregard Al's existence to the point of using him as a substitute Heiderich. Um, hello? Ed only shoved it down everyone's throats that his little brother was human despite being an empty suit of armor.

I know I'm being completely unfair here, and that even though I see it as being OOC for Ed to do such a thing, there exists the concept of artistic license. Usually I would just skip these kinds of stories-- I guess I'm just mad that I got tricked into reading one.


Smut Guide

Jan. 8th, 2013 03:54 am
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I finished Fiction Sutra! You can take a look at it here
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It's surprisingly exhausting making up eight entire countries from scratch.

Trying to be as detailed as possible without writing out their entire histories. Who's at war with who, which countries are allies, which countries tolerate homosexuality, what their attitudes are towards women...and I'm just getting started.

So, uh...

Jan. 6th, 2013 05:35 am
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I made a map.

I made a fucking map. In Photoshop.

I was thinking about the RP side of fandom fiction (specifically, the continuous one) and how I was going to organize it, when I suddenly thought: hey, I should create a visual so people know what the world looks like.

So I made a map.

What the fuck.

If you're curious, HERE IT IS:

Map )

...I didn't say it was a GOOD map.
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This is the first part of my smut guide for [ profile] yfandomfiction. I plan to expand on each of these points, and some of them may change (I realize a couple of them are roughly the same thing), so consider this a rough draft?

Originally posted by [ profile] michechu at Fiction Sutra
The Ten Commandments of Smut
  1. Thou shalt not write biologically impossible smut.
  2. Thou shalt not write smut without being familiar with the human body.
  3. Thou shalt not wax lyrical about the penis, vagina, breasts, or anus, for thou is not five years old.
  4. Thou shalt not pigeonhole a character's sexual position based on height, size, or personality.
  5. Thou shalt not ignore the fact that sex is not always perfect.
  6. Thou shalt not forget that virgins are inexperienced, but not stupidly naive.
  7. Thou shalt not forget that in same sex relationships, there is no 'man' and 'woman'.
  8. Thou shall become familiar with proper terminology.
  9. Thou shalt not distort a character's personality for the purpose of sex.
  10. Thou shalt not use random kitchen substances for lube and expect a good outcome.

#10 is my favorite. =D
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I'm so pairing biased it's not funny, because I'm wildly searching for a way to make sure my favorite pairings get together and stay together for the RP section of yfandomfiction. XD

So far I've come up with this: to avoid my rampant pairing bias so I won't discriminate against people who ship different pairings, I've decided to let people sign up based on pairing instead of character. That means there will be an Ed/Roy Edward Elric, and an Elricest Edward Elric. It works out fine for the non-continuous RP I have planned. It should also help avoid the general wank that comes along with RPers whoring around.

However, along with the non-continuous RP, I also have a continuous one to allow for different series to mingle. That means if I stick with the whole 'pairing' sign up instead of 'character', then there's a chance that the Ed/Roy Edward Elric will end up mingling with the Elricest Edward Elric! Which could be really funny, but it wouldn't make much sense. I guess that's not really necessary for an RP? I've never partaken in a continuous RP before though, so I don't know.

I'm also adamant about staying away from the classic "highschool/college" setting for the continuous RP. It's so overused. I'm thinking about using the world of Blade and Soul as the setting and letting the RPers figure out how their characters got there in the first place.

Any thoughts/ideas? This is an area that I'm completely lost in, since I've never really done any serious roleplaying.

On another note, I really need to figure out how I'm going to advertise this community when it's ready...most of the communities I belong to don't allow you to advertise other communities.
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Question: What are some of the most common errors you find in fanfiction?

I can think of several, but I want to write a general 'no-no' list for yfandomfiction, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dec. 31st, 2012 04:22 pm
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I hate everything that I write.
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What the hell?

I just tried to write a guide on my community and the formatting came out all fucked up. And by fucked up, I mean I couldn't even figure out HOW it fucked up. It was just missing random letters.

Maybe I need to look for another layout after all.
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There's something that irks me quite a bit about some Ed/Hei fanfictions.

I don't mind Ed/Hei. It's not my cup of tea, and it falls under the category of "convenient pairings" for me where people put them together for the hell of it, but I don't hate it. I can even understand it, from an angsty point of view, since I'm an Elricest shipper.

What I despise though are post-movie fanfics where Ed tries to use one or the other as a replacement. Either Heiderich as a replacement Al, or Al as a replacement Heiderich. It's so ridiculous. Ed gave up his arm to save Al's life. They traveled together for years, went through so much, experienced tragedy after tragedy. Al gave up his life in exchange for Ed's. Then he gave up his home just to be with Ed. There is no way in hell that Edward would even be capable of trying to replace him, much less throw their entire history away to use Al as a replacement for someone else. And if he did, the damage that would do to Al would be irreparable. He would spend the rest of his life hating his own face, never knowing who Ed sees when he looks at him.

And yes, Al is strong. But taking away someone's identity is one of the most devastating things you can do to a person, especially if the person who does it is someone you love so much that you gave up *everything* just to be together.

To be honest, though? I don't really see any evidence of Ed/Hei at all in the movie. They're friendly, yes, but all throughout the movie Alfons acts like he has something to prove, and he's clearly pained when Ed talks happily about going back to his world (with no consideration for leaving Alfons behind, might I add). Moreover, one of the last things Alfons says to him is, "We're not something that just existed in a dream," which rather clearly indicates that Ed kept him at arm's length the entire time. In the beginning of the movie, Alfons tells Noah, "He's anti-social. Or at least, he never tries to get close to anyone." Including him, judging by the sad look on his face.

And on Ed's part? When he's at the carnival, he says, "No matter how far I go, I can't escape from here." Ed wants to go home. He wants his brother. He sees Munich as some kind of fantasy land that he's been condemned to.

And I know, I know, fanfiction is all up to artistic license and it's blasphemy for me to complain about these things, but it's's OOC. It's not supported by, well, anything at all. It's one thing to change the circumstances of something in the story (like saying that Ed and Heiderich were more than friends) and it's another to suggest that Ed would forsake his little brother for someone he's only known for two years. No matter what ship you support, you can't argue the fact that Fullmetal Alchemist *revolves* around Ed's relationship with his little brother. None of it would have happened without that love and dedication, so that's why it bothers me when people write about Ed using Al and Alfons as replacements. It completely undermines...well, everything. It's not fair to Alfons, and it's DEFINITELY not fair to Al.

TL;DR Alphonse Elric is not a used, crusty sock.
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I find myself very curious about co-authored fanfics. How does that work, exactly? I've never tried writing with someone else before, and in my head it seems like a lot of arguments and surrendering of artistic license, but it can't be like that since there are people out there who manage it just fine.
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Sometimes I'm tempted to write a fanfic in which Ed is a fairy king with a Napoleon complex.

Does that make me a sadist?


Dec. 20th, 2012 03:14 pm
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I was writing Elricest before I stopped to look up suggestions for what to name Al's cat and halfway down the list it suggested Elric and how the fuck did they knooooow?!

I am not lying.
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Yay, I got more writing done today! Which means, [ profile] lactase, I may just have your fanfic done before the end of this year =P it started out as a PWP, but it kind of went in another direction which I think you'll it's turning out longer than I expected it to be, hence the delay. Well, that and I've been busy with the holidays and trying to get my damn student loans in order (I HATE dealing with those people, I swear). Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

I'm also considering...just trying to write more, in general. I always do this; I write on a regular basis for several months, years, and then I go just as long not writing, and I manage to convince myself that I've gotten horribly out of practice so it's not worth it to try again. But I get these *plot bunnies* that drive me crazy and I have no outlet because of my own stupid self-esteem issues, just like the AU for Koisuru Boukun that I never finished. And what's the point in that? If I have an idea I should at least try, right?

I want to write for KSB. I've also been wanting to write some Elricest, but that would probably take a little more maneuvering on my part because I don't like the canon ending to either series (I don't like Ed and Al living in "our world" after CoS, and I don't like them parting after Brotherhood. I also don't like Al cutting his hair >=[ Damnit, the long hair was attractive!).

I've had a couple of PWP ideas for them...since I like pre-relationship fics, I've thought of several different ways to write it out. To put it simply, in my headcanon, either Ed is a pervert, Al is, or they both are XD I actually started one where Al was going through puberty (assuming CoS canon where Al's body is thirteen) and Ed was aware of their feelings for each other, but instead of doing the nice thing and confessing, he starts torturing Al by walking around half naked and leaving the bathroom door open when he showers because he gets a kick out of it. It got scrapped because I noticed I kept slipping into passive voice, but I may still do it later.

I like to think that there's at least a little angst in the whole "Holy crap I want to screw my brother" scenario, but after reading so many angsty Elricest fics, I really think I need a little silliness like the idea mentioned above. Seriously, my head hurts from the angst. And I do have an angsty "Holy crap I want to screw my brother" idea too, but it would take longer than a oneshot...and frankly, I'm still really, really gun shy about dipping into multichaptered fanfics again. I've let myself down so many times in the past, and I don't even have a proper beta reader (I did for my last attempt, which I'm convinced is the only reason why that fanfic got as huge as it did despite never being completed).

It's a little pathetic, right? I feel like I can't get anything substantial done without someone there to support me. Cue eyeroll.

Speaking of, I've got my community up (if not going, just yet), but now that it's here in front of me I'm starting to lose my nerve to do anything with it. Jesus, I'm just a freakin' unreliable pansy.
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I hate angst fics.

Specifically, I hate angst fics that involve things like cheating, unrequited love, and relationships ending for stupid reasons. I really hate it when angst fics are so well written that they haunt me long after I read them. It seems to happen to me in almost every fandom, too-- I read one of these fanfics and then afterwards I try to ignore the fact that it even existed, only to find that it's completely ruined something for me in the relationship.

That's not an insult to the authors, not at all. It's a compliment. As much as I wish I'd never read their fanfic, it's just proof that they wrote it so well that it lingers in my memory. Unfortunately for me, it's a major thorn in my side. So...just to be fair, and just to be honest, know that if you tag a fanfic as 'angst' I probably won't read it. I know that's kind of shitty of me, but my poor heart just can't take it. Especially unrequited love stories where one person has to watch the other fall in love with someone else. It's kind of scary how much anger and jealousy I can feel on behalf of a fictional character, and I'm talking about heart pounding, hands trembling, homicidal-urge-inducing rage.

It frightens me a little bit, to be honest, because I've never felt that intensely about my own relationships. Even with people I've cared very deeply for, I've never felt the urge to kill someone over any kind of betrayal. I wonder if that's because I see these relationships as being kind of sacred? Kuro x Fai, for instance. Their relationship is just so damn deep and multi-layered that the thought of someone coming in between that just feels like goddamn sacrilege. Or Elricest. Oh man, do I ever get pissed when someone tries to horn in on my Elricest...

So yeah, now you all know.

I'm psychotic.
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Every time I save a picture from Koisuru Boukun, I imagine Souichi protesting vehemently when I place him in my 'yaoi' folder.


Dec. 14th, 2012 08:14 pm
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It might be time for me to get a new layout.

As much as I love Souichi and Morinaga at the top of my journal, this one is just too flimsy for my friend's view, and the ads make it look absolutely horrible (I don't have them right now because I'm using the free two week trial of the paid account). I really, truly hate coding on livejournal though...even this one was a modification I made of a premade layout. Plus, I kind of like my little fanfiction link sidebar =( I don't want to lose it.


Dec. 11th, 2012 02:17 pm
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Would anyone care to join me on a little endeavor?

I've had this idea for a new community for a while now, but I haven't put it into action because...well, frankly, it would take someone who's familiar with setting up a multi-series livejournal RP. Also, if this community were to take off, I would be the only one around to moderate it (and having moderated active communities all on my lonesome before, that's not something I want to repeat). Not to mention this community would involve screening applications (it would be a writing community so they'd have to submit samples of their work in order to join).

I went ahead and took the dive last night by actually creating the community and getting it set up-- for now, it just has a premade layout (with some adjustments) for both the journal and the profile. I plan on making one from scratch later down the road...I tend to avoid the shit out of making my own layouts on livejournal because I absolutely hate their system. They couldn't just let us code from scratch, nooo. We have to use their stupid stylesheets.

So, to give a quick rundown of what this community will be: essentially, it's a community for (slash only) fanfiction writers. To be more specific, it's a community that would help fanfiction authors improve their skills, mingle with other writers, be inspired, and just generally have fun. These are some of the things I planned to include in the community:

Round Robins
Mad Libs
Large projects/Multiple authors
Writing discussions
AU Setting Prompts (This was something I thought would be fun. Since AU's require a lot more time and effort because sometimes you have to design an entirely new world, these prompts would be something like-- "Here's a world, now write a story for it.")

And other various writing activities. I don't really know if it's going to take off or not, but I figured what the hell-- I could at least give it a shot, right? So I'm looking for other people who would be willing to spare the time to help me maintain it, and also some people who would help advertise it when the time comes. Let me know if you're interested.
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Lactase! I swear I'm working on your fic, I just keep getting interrupted by all of these other fanfics forcing themselves on me.

Here's a teaser for you in the meantime:

Koisuru Boukun fanfic teaser~ )


Dec. 6th, 2012 08:46 pm
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There's honestly nothing that irritates me more in fanfiction than when the author inserts their OC as a relative of one of the main characters. I already hate OCs to begin with since they're almost always covert self-insertions.

Also, I'm convinced that is nothing more than a cesspool of these types of fanfics.


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