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Aelle ([personal profile] aelle) wrote2013-01-15 08:40 am

Banner and random crap.

I finally made a banner for yfandomfiction, and as soon as I can get the time to tidy up links I'll be opening the community to the public. Which means advertising, and I'm not really looking forward to that part, but I'd hate to put so much work into setting the community up just to back out on the final step. School starts back up tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'll be able to go...there's been some complications with my tuition this semester so I may not be able to afford it. =( I'd hate to be out of school for two semesters in a row, but it's really starting to look like I have no choice.

Also, random fact about me: I can't write when I'm on my period. At all. Which sucks, because I've been writing so much lately (even if I haven't posted all of it) so I can get my creativity going again, so the next week is going to put a real damper on that.

It's a bit odd, too. It's not like I'm completely distracted by painful cramping-- I'm one of the blessed few women who only cramp on the first day-- it's just the sensation of feeling icky that comes with menstruation that stifles my writing ability. I guess it makes sense, though...I can't write when I feel like I need a shower, either. Something about feeling gross just makes my muses shut down.