aelle: (Elricest)
Aelle ([personal profile] aelle) wrote2013-01-18 06:44 pm

Whee, new layout.

So, as much as I loved having Koisuru Boukun on my LJ, the layout code itself was horribly outdated and buggy, so I decided to switch it out. After many, many days of searching, I found one I liked...and tacked an Elricest image on as the header. I was too lazy to do more than crop it and adjust the colors a bit, though, so I'll probably tweak it later. Coincidentally, I actually liked this layout so much that I put it on [ profile] yfandomfiction, too.

On another note, who wants an Elricest wallpaper that I can't claim credit for because absolutely nothing that I used to make it belongs to me? =D

Some good things are coming up in the next month-- Koisuru Boukun's new chapter (holy crap I can't wait) and The Walking Dead's second half of season 3 (holy crap I can't wait). Bioshock Infinite should be coming out in March (holy crap I can't wait and I'm too damn broke to buy it), along with a few other games that I want to play...overall, I should have quite a few things to keep myself from being the least bit productive.