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I have gone on a complete Doctor Who marathon run. I haven't been at my computer in two days straight! Instead of a Gone Fishing sign on my front door I need a Gone to Tardis sign.

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That seems intense... aren't there.... upwards 10+ seasons of Doctor Who? :O

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There are seven seasons from the 2005 revival, but 20 of the original. Not sure if I'm going to watch the original though.

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You'd be watching all year if you include the original no? XD

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20 seasons? Nah, give me three months and put me on life support. XD

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;_; Would you be able to take that overload really?

I can't even sit down and marathon KKM ;_;

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It's not just that I can take it...I actually can't stop. Just guess what happened to me when I started watching Law and Order SVU XD Went from episode one to the last episode aired, then moved on to the original Law and Order and did the same. For a long time it was ALL I watched and I've seen every episode.

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Me and my roommate are slowly going through the old series. Makes them bringing back all the old villains this season much more interesting. Hadn't seen the great intelligence since the second doctor (well... even then we can't really see it but in reconstructed episodes since those were some of the lost ones >.>;) and hadn't seen the Ice warriors since the third doctor.

Right now we are only up season 14 (Fourth doctor). There are 26 seasons...and the first few seasons were really long since they used to make an episode every single week. So unless you really want to watch all of them there are only a few episodes of the first two doctors really worth watching.

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Yeah, I can't imagine going through a long series like that. I go into "marathon mode" when I get into a new series so I'll sit through every last episode non-stop until I get to the end, which is exactly what I'm doing now. With 20 seasons I might just end up going into Who Hibernation. XD

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Yeah I go into marathon mode with series too... I don't think I could do it with the first two doctors at all.... I mean, the way it was run back then was just horrible >.<; They used to write in story arcs. They would write one story and it would take place over a few episodes. During the first two doctors those arcs would vary from 2 episodes all the way up to 12... and then sometimes they would have a story that was written to take place over 4 episodes but because they didn't have another story written for 2 episodes of the season they would drag that 4 episode story out to 6... and their acting was... questionable. There were times I was literally falling asleep because I was so bored lol. As soon as it got to the third doctor and the format changed it was so much better. After that it's much easier to watch and I might be able to marathon it but since we were already watching it slowly we're just continuing with that. We tend to watch 1 story arc (4 episodes in the 4th doctors time and for most of them after that until the new series) every few days.

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Eww yeah I just watched a story arc on the 2005 series, it did not do the show any favors. I was getting tired of it after the second episode...but thankfully I think it was only three or four. I mean, if the story was linear in the first place I could understand story arcs, but Doctor Who is best left as a "situation of the day" show.

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Yep the situation of the day format is much better for Doctor Who.

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That sounds like an excellent way to spend time! Which Doctor has been your favourite so far? Though, I suppose if you're only watching from 2005 seasons on, there's really only a choice of three. Still, it's a hard one :P

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Ahh, I've only seen up to season 4 (about halfway through). Of the two I've seen, I suppose I like David Tennant the most-- tenth doctor I believe?