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I am so happy to have a new writing project. I am not so happy to run into my neurotic writing process on a regular basis again.

Don't get me wrong, I love writing Icarus-- normally my writing is fluffy and light, so I'm surprised that I'm enjoying something so dark, but now that I've had time to really work with the plot I'm just excited to get it all written down.

Of course, that involves me writing it, then scrapping it because I don't like it, then writing it again with a completely different approach, then agonizing over every single word until my brain starts to feel like it's melting.

This, my friends, is why I always fail with multi-chaptered fanfics. I want them to be perfect because all I've ever written in my life are oneshots. I just want one good, long chaptered fiction to call my own.

So I'm going to stick to this one like glue.

I've let myself down so many times in the past and I'm just not going to do it again. I'm committing myself to this fanfic no matter what happens. I will finish at least one.

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Date: 2013-03-24 05:09 am (UTC)
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Multi-chaptered fics are tough, indeed... I like to imagine, though, that they'd be easier if you had your own personal cheering squad to whip you into writing new chapters...

Kind of like an editor.

Good luck on your writing, Chu!

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Date: 2013-03-24 11:13 am (UTC)
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Haha, that's why I prefer to have a beta-reader when I do write multi-chaptered fanfics...not because they cheer me on but because they keep me in line! I feel a lot more secure when someone else checks over my work because I can't trust myself not to be neurotic about it.

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Date: 2013-03-24 02:20 pm (UTC)
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Beta-readers are so hard to find though ;-; And with good reason! It's hard to really devote your time reading and rereading fics....

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Date: 2013-03-24 07:00 pm (UTC)
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Good beta-readers are especially hard to find. There are a lot of people out there who can check your spelling and grammar, but only a few who can look over your storyline and tell you if there's any plotholes or inconsistencies.

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Date: 2013-03-24 09:45 pm (UTC)
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Odd enough, when I search for beta readers, that's usually what I care about: the storyline and plotholes and consistencies. And I guess the ones I do get do do that....

Then again, I don't write much ;;


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