Apr. 14th, 2013 09:46 am
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I have gone on a complete Doctor Who marathon run. I haven't been at my computer in two days straight! Instead of a Gone Fishing sign on my front door I need a Gone to Tardis sign.
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...I introduce to you the hottest and most frightening pairing in Fullmetal Alchemist history.

Izumi Curtis x Olivier Armstrong.

Ooh, I want it so badly and the canon just makes it so impossible.

But when have I ever let canon get in my way? 8D
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I am so happy to have a new writing project. I am not so happy to run into my neurotic writing process on a regular basis again.

Don't get me wrong, I love writing Icarus-- normally my writing is fluffy and light, so I'm surprised that I'm enjoying something so dark, but now that I've had time to really work with the plot I'm just excited to get it all written down.

Of course, that involves me writing it, then scrapping it because I don't like it, then writing it again with a completely different approach, then agonizing over every single word until my brain starts to feel like it's melting.

This, my friends, is why I always fail with multi-chaptered fanfics. I want them to be perfect because all I've ever written in my life are oneshots. I just want one good, long chaptered fiction to call my own.

So I'm going to stick to this one like glue.

I've let myself down so many times in the past and I'm just not going to do it again. I'm committing myself to this fanfic no matter what happens. I will finish at least one.
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Title: Tease
Author: [livejournal.com profile] michechu
Rating: NC-17
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (could be Brotherhood or 2003 FMA)
Pairing: Elricest

3,404 words of nothing but smut. )
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[livejournal.com profile] yfandomfiction is a slash (male/male or female/female) community for fanfiction authors. You can use it to find beta readers, get help from other writers, find tools and resources to improve your skills, or just participate in some of the many writing activities:

Round Robins
Mad Libs
Cooperative Projects

yFandomFiction is an adult community and may contain explicit content.

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I can't seem to stop watching it. I've been on a Psych marathon for the past three days.

It's putting quite the monkey wrench in my Elricest smutfic. I'm down to writing three paragraphs a day now, although it's still progressing.

Really, though? How did I miss this show before? It's hilarious and it's sucking up all of my free time, which is quite something because I have a lot of free time nowadays.


Jan. 29th, 2013 11:08 am
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I am writing my first Elricest smutfic.

Let's see how this goes.
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Now that I've devoured every bit of Elricest I can find on the internet, the well has run dry. Moar plz.
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I was bored, so I colored. And I made icons. Another Ed/Al, although I like this one a little better because there's no question that it's Al in the picture and not Heiderich. Usually I go by the eye color when I can, so I see bronze/gold = Al and blue = Heiderich, but sometimes the hair throws me off (Al has bangs on both sides of his face while Heiderich has bangs to the right) and I wonder.

Just another reason to hate you, Heiderich. </3


Jan. 21st, 2013 04:34 pm
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...I know the kanji for intercrural sex now. This is not a word I expected to find in a doujinshi, and I doubt I'll ever need to know it again, but still. 素股
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I ran into a bit of a snag when I went to make a chatroom for Fandom Fiction. The service I usually use is yeechat, which is the one I'm using for the takanaga hinako comm, but they've done something....FUNKY...with the chat applet. Specifically, it's now a webcam applet. What the actual fuck?

Unfortunately, yeechat is probably-- was probably the best free chat service out there. So while I'm looking into an alternative, tinychat will do just fine.

Which leaves me with just the tidying up of the profile and then advertising. I have no clue how I'm going to go about advertising this community though...most comms have strict rules about advertising other communities, and even if they didn't, it makes me feel kind of sleazy. I wish LJ had a better system for that.

But at the moment, yff is as ready as it's going to be (barring the continuous roleplay which will probably take me a while to set up), so the only thing left is to fill it with members. I wonder if I should have some kind of opening event? I thought about something like a team based round-robin where people would sign up under a fandom/pairing, then split into two groups and each person in their team would have to write one "chapter". I don't have much to offer in the way of prizes, but I can make banners? ._.
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So, as much as I loved having Koisuru Boukun on my LJ, the layout code itself was horribly outdated and buggy, so I decided to switch it out. After many, many days of searching, I found one I liked...and tacked an Elricest image on as the header. I was too lazy to do more than crop it and adjust the colors a bit, though, so I'll probably tweak it later. Coincidentally, I actually liked this layout so much that I put it on [livejournal.com profile] yfandomfiction, too.

On another note, who wants an Elricest wallpaper that I can't claim credit for because absolutely nothing that I used to make it belongs to me? =D

Some good things are coming up in the next month-- Koisuru Boukun's new chapter (holy crap I can't wait) and The Walking Dead's second half of season 3 (holy crap I can't wait). Bioshock Infinite should be coming out in March (holy crap I can't wait and I'm too damn broke to buy it), along with a few other games that I want to play...overall, I should have quite a few things to keep myself from being the least bit productive.


Jan. 16th, 2013 06:06 pm
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I think I like Edcest.
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I finally made a banner for yfandomfiction, and as soon as I can get the time to tidy up links I'll be opening the community to the public. Which means advertising, and I'm not really looking forward to that part, but I'd hate to put so much work into setting the community up just to back out on the final step. School starts back up tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'll be able to go...there's been some complications with my tuition this semester so I may not be able to afford it. =( I'd hate to be out of school for two semesters in a row, but it's really starting to look like I have no choice.

Also, random fact about me: I can't write when I'm on my period. At all. Which sucks, because I've been writing so much lately (even if I haven't posted all of it) so I can get my creativity going again, so the next week is going to put a real damper on that.

It's a bit odd, too. It's not like I'm completely distracted by painful cramping-- I'm one of the blessed few women who only cramp on the first day-- it's just the sensation of feeling icky that comes with menstruation that stifles my writing ability. I guess it makes sense, though...I can't write when I feel like I need a shower, either. Something about feeling gross just makes my muses shut down.
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I haven't quite committed myself to this Elricest fanfic yet, and I've run into several snags just getting the prologue ready. I always have a hard time finding a good place to start, and this fic is no different...I've rewritten the beginning three times now. The intro always gets me, so rather than trying to do a grand setup, I've gone for in medias res. I'm a little worried that it may be too rushed, though.

So...I know I don't have many Elricest fans on my friend's list, but if anyone could share their opinion, I'd be really grateful. ._.

Half-assed intro. )
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I love Blade and Soul. The world is just so gorgeous and inspiring.

Click for gorgeous and inspiring and my low level Assassin.
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If you're going to use a fake cut to your writing or personal LJ, don't f-lock or delete it later.

Because that's just douche-y.
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I started writing it.

Edward learned long ago that stables were not the best place to hide from one's attendants. For one, stables smelled absolutely foul.

For two, his hair was often mistaken for the horse's lunch.

"Ow, goddamnit!" Ed tried to wrestle his ponytail out of the mare's jaws and yelped when it earned him nothing more than a loud snort and another sharp tug. "Let go, you bitch!" The horse stared at him for a moment, expressionless black eyes boring deep into his soul, and munched. "My hair!"

"--ward? Edward!" He could hear them calling, their voices distant but heading his way.

"They trained you to do this, didn't they?" Ed seethed. "How many apples was I worth, you soulless beast?"

Ed's so fun to torment.

I don't expect this to get very far, but just to get the plot bunny to die...I'll write. And then when I get tired of it halfway through, I can move on with my life.


Jan. 10th, 2013 12:57 pm
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I have an Elricest icon now! My KSB icon is still my default, though. Don't worry, my pretties, I haven't forgotten you...I'm just momentarily distracted.
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I've had this Elricest plot bunny dancing around in my head now for weeks, but I'm very pointedly trying to ignore it because I know it's going to be a multiparter.

I don't do so well with multiparters.

I've considered giving it a try, but even when I'm really into writing the story and I manage to write quite a bit (see: Hydona at 45k words), I still don't seem to be able to close the deal. It's like my stamina disappears before I can finish it.

I've even thought about looking for a co-author and/or a beta, but I just don't know anyone who would be interested. It would be extremely AU (as in, not even in the FMA world), and not angsty at all because Elricest is such an angsty pairing by nature and as much as I like the angst, I've had my fill. I want to write nice, semi-happy fanfics for them; I say semi-happy because I'm not above scaring the living shit out of them by having one of them mortally wounded!

Besides, I've run into a bit of a snag with my plot bunny already. I wanted to incorporate the Chinese zodiac, but the signs I want to give them are inverted-- Al would've been the Ox and Ed would've been the Tiger, but that would make Ed the younger brother because the Tiger comes the year after the Ox...

If you're curious, though, I did look up what their actual zodiac signs are...

Ed - Year of the Pig
Al - Year of the Rat

Anyone else imagining a pig with a little blonde antenna? How about a rat with a helmet?


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