Jan. 3rd, 2013

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I'm so pairing biased it's not funny, because I'm wildly searching for a way to make sure my favorite pairings get together and stay together for the RP section of yfandomfiction. XD

So far I've come up with this: to avoid my rampant pairing bias so I won't discriminate against people who ship different pairings, I've decided to let people sign up based on pairing instead of character. That means there will be an Ed/Roy Edward Elric, and an Elricest Edward Elric. It works out fine for the non-continuous RP I have planned. It should also help avoid the general wank that comes along with RPers whoring around.

However, along with the non-continuous RP, I also have a continuous one to allow for different series to mingle. That means if I stick with the whole 'pairing' sign up instead of 'character', then there's a chance that the Ed/Roy Edward Elric will end up mingling with the Elricest Edward Elric! Which could be really funny, but it wouldn't make much sense. I guess that's not really necessary for an RP? I've never partaken in a continuous RP before though, so I don't know.

I'm also adamant about staying away from the classic "highschool/college" setting for the continuous RP. It's so overused. I'm thinking about using the world of Blade and Soul as the setting and letting the RPers figure out how their characters got there in the first place.

Any thoughts/ideas? This is an area that I'm completely lost in, since I've never really done any serious roleplaying.

On another note, I really need to figure out how I'm going to advertise this community when it's ready...most of the communities I belong to don't allow you to advertise other communities.


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